I F U  =  Know - how

IFU was founded in 1977. The responsible employees are working in the field of environmental technology and diffused air aeration for more than 30 years. Therefore IFU has an extensive know-how.

The IFU product and service program contains :

  • all kinds of membrane aeration systems
  • complete diffusing grids in plastic or stainless steel
  • pipe systems in plastic or stainless steel
  • fixed and lift-out diffusing grids
  • combined mixing and diffusing system (KombiMix)
  • floating diffusers for ponds and lagoons
  • installation work
  • spare part service
  • maintenance

A state of the art waste water treatment plant requires efficient and long-life air diffusion for best results in sewage purification.

We have long-standing years of experience in calculation and operation of membrane diffusing systems in  the all different kinds of  wastewater, municipal as well as industrial wastewater.

IFU- membrane-diffusers are installed in more than 1000 WWTP all over the world working to the full satisfaction of our customers


IFU has the complete membrane diffusing program is available in different materials, i.e. EPDM or silicon.

We offer the optimal solution for every operation purpose:




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